There were two quotes at Comic Con that made me laugh quite a bit. The first is from Brad Guigar of Evil Inc fame. He was drawing a sketch in the Evil Inc volume 4 I had just purchased from him when Fred commented on what a good job he was doing.

Brad then replied with: “This isn’t a dime store phoney.”

Hahaha DELIGHTFUL. Number one quote of the con. When I told him this on Sunday I also mentioned how I thought he was the funniest guy on their Webcomics Weekly podcast and he thought so too, when the other guys let him get a word in edgewise. That’s when Dave Kellett of Sheldon scooted Brad out of the way, cut him off, and launched into a Sheldon sales pitch. These guys. Laugh a minute over at the Halfpixel booth.

Dave Kellett as Captain Crunch. Awesome

Dave Kellett as Captain Crunch. Awesome

The second comes from our very own Fred Pelzar while we were standing in line for the Mystery Team movie screening. I saw a movie poster for The Goods and this is what went down:

Me: “What do you think of The Goods?”

Fred: “I don’t think it looks that good.”

Wordplay folks, wordplay.

Kate Beaton = Much Love

June 25, 2009

Never Learn Anything From History

Never Learn Anything From History

Hello world.

I recently had the absolute pleasure of going to MoCCA  2009 (Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art for the uninitiated). While there I told some people that they make wonderful things while not buying their products because I am a poor college student. Much love to Octopus Pie, Dr. McNinja, and Goats. I would have said something to Jeph Jacques but only his lady was at the table while I was there.

But I did buy one thing that day – Never Learn Anything From History, the Kate Beaton collection. Kate Beaton does mainly history comics, although she writes about her younger self and a little bit of slice of life. She is also sort of a genius. That’s not debatable. What is debatable is the necessity of the collection. If you’re a humongous fan of the comic, then yeah, worth going for. Especially at a convention, seeing as how I got mine signed and with a duck drawn on the inside cover. There’s some commentary underneath some of the comics, but so long as you stay up to date with the strips you also get commentary on the website. There’s also nothing new in the collection, which is a little sad but okay because what is there is still funny on second or third read (or fifth or sixth or… well…)

So to sum up: If you’re not currently reading Kate Beaton, then go read her archive. If you already are, then you should know whether this is worth your money or not. As for me, I already said Aw Yiss to buying me some.