Most of what my associate posted goes for myself as well. As a blogger, I work in the same rarified air as a handful of other individuals (Seriously, I haven’t looked at the statistics. How many bloggers are there? 20? And what is the metric measurement for a handful?). With this in mind we must strive to set a sterling example with regards to our standards in reporting on the latest, whether it’s a movie or the newest sex scandal from the bible beltway.

I have a bit more leeway when it comes to reviewing bad things because I receive all products from Alistair, the guy who lives under the lamp post at the end of my block. I slip him a fiver and then he leaves me a flashdrive with all the latest everythings in a Starbucks coffee cup two and a half miles further up the street. It’s a handy system. I also can be stupid about money, which is true about some people (read: most people). So the occassional dud book/movie/band/toddler’s toy wind up in my possession. Which is fine, because my pain services your enlightement, you sado-masochist bastards.

But if I said I enjoyed something and give a glowing recommendation, then yes, I really thought it was good. And that’s a promise. Another promise: in the next 24 hours, I will take a shower. And take a poo. And those are promises you can take to the bank.

Having said all of that from my nifty little soapbox, I will not turn down free handouts. So if anybody out there is reading this and wants to start shipping something my way, drop me a line. #sly wink#

signing off//