No, not that kind

No, not that kind

Q: So Matt, word on the street is you read Fruits Basket volume one. How was it?

A: The streets don’t lie Matt. It was enjoyable. It follows the adventures of a high school girl named Tohru Honda as she adjusts to life after her mom dies.

Q: Oooooo that sounds sad. Was it sad?

A: Not really actually. She’s really cheerful and optimistic all the time. She also moves in with the Sohma family and they are all quirky.They get into all kinds of trouble together.

Q: So it’s more of a comedy series?

A: Yes. It’s more of a makes you smile with their whacky antics, as opposed to laughing out loud funny. It’s silly and fun.

Q: Do you plan on reading the next volume?

A: I’ve already started the second. One of my friends lent me twenty or so of them. Expect to see a lot more of Fruits Basket on the site.

Q: Boy, that sure was nice of her to lend you all of those.

A: Hey! How did you know it was a her?

Q: …

A: Well, until next time manga fans, may the spirit of the Great Lincoln watch over you.