Right now I’m reading a book called Fragment by Warren Fahy. It’s about an isolated island covered in horrible monsters. Up until ten minutes ago it was awesome. I bought into the world he was creating, even if I can’t understand all the science-y talk. However, he completely took me out of  his world and what has so far been a thoroughly enjoyable book with this passage:

“Every three and a half minutes Peach nibbled a peanut M&M as he played the twenty-sixth level of Halo 5…(page 124)”

Seriously? Halo 5? Really? You have all this awesome and realistic sounding scientific jargon in a book set in modern day and you have a guy playing Halo 5. What’s wrong with the one, two, or three? You know, the ones that ACTUALLY EXIST. And I know this is just way into detail, but name dropping the twenty-sixth level too? This is borderline criminal. I had to stop reading and look up from my book and make a face. When the author goes through such lengths with the scientific side of the story in the book this just comes across as lazy.

Look for the full review of Fragment in the next week or so. (It won’t be affected by this small quibble. Everything else has been top-notch so far.)