So, based on the new trailer for Pandorum, it looks to be the movie version of Dead Space (which, in turn, was the name for a novel idea I had at the age of thirteen which was itself ripped off from Star Trek: Voyager). People are turning into uglies, kill the uglies, try and survive. And grow a beard like Dennis Quaid.

And the Star Wars tv show trundles on in the land of Oz, where they are apparently aiming for a more emotionally true story. Which means that George Lucas isn’t writing lines about how much everything sucks and how he only wants to be the best but nobody lets him do what he wants and wah wah wah.

I haven’t heard anything recently about the new new remake of Battlestar Galactica, though maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t really need to see the same twenty seconds of space fighter dog fighting used twenty times on the big screen, or anything else along the lines the original campy show. The original Knight Rider was written by the same guy, and we all saw how successfully that was resurrected while staying true to its origins. Although that Cylon Helix was death for any Colonial pilot that tried to take it on.

And the next project from Rian Johnson, the man who wrote and directed the brilliant Brick, will be called Looper and is about assassins from the future sent back in time to kill somebody. With someone this capable at the helm, I have full faith that an actually useful movie about time travel will be produced. And if Rian Johnson isn’t enough, know that my future self is telling me to give it two thumbs up now and save myself from the future strain.

That’s it. Signing off //