Yes please

Yes please

O, Zombieland. You inject not only life into the well worn zombie genre, but into this blogger’s fingertips as well. Shaun of the Dead this isn’t, but that’s a good thing.

Zombieland is about a group of people played by Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin who survived the zombie apocalypse. Woody Harrelson in particular shines as a macho, zombie slaying warrior and he nails his part perfectly. The rest of the cast does a good job, but the funniest performance of the entire movie comes from a surprise star cameo that I won’t spoil for those of us that haven’t seen it. Jesse Eisenberg plays the awkward teenager character perfected by Michael Cera in every role he’s ever been in, and Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin are believable in their roles as the female con artists.

This movie is a lot of fun. There isn’t a whole lot of downtime or wasted scenes. The constant stream of character beats, humor, and zombies keeps the movie fresh from start to finish. Occasionally the movie steps back from all the humor and absurdity to reveal something about one of the main characters and their lives before everything went to hell. These small scenes never take you out of the movie and are believable, a sign that this is more than just mindless entertainment. I know, a good movie hidden under a zombie movie. Whoda thunk it? This focus on characters and character interaction elevate the movie to a higher level than similar movies that focus on sex and shock kills. Not that there aren’t any gruesome deaths in this movie. There are. Plenty.

If you’re looking for a good movie to kick off the fall season, this one. Right here. More than just zombies, Zombieland is the best romantic horror comedy of the year. Even if it is the only horror romantic comedy of the year.

Most of what my associate posted goes for myself as well. As a blogger, I work in the same rarified air as a handful of other individuals (Seriously, I haven’t looked at the statistics. How many bloggers are there? 20? And what is the metric measurement for a handful?). With this in mind we must strive to set a sterling example with regards to our standards in reporting on the latest, whether it’s a movie or the newest sex scandal from the bible beltway.

I have a bit more leeway when it comes to reviewing bad things because I receive all products from Alistair, the guy who lives under the lamp post at the end of my block. I slip him a fiver and then he leaves me a flashdrive with all the latest everythings in a Starbucks coffee cup two and a half miles further up the street. It’s a handy system. I also can be stupid about money, which is true about some people (read: most people). So the occassional dud book/movie/band/toddler’s toy wind up in my possession. Which is fine, because my pain services your enlightement, you sado-masochist bastards.

But if I said I enjoyed something and give a glowing recommendation, then yes, I really thought it was good. And that’s a promise. Another promise: in the next 24 hours, I will take a shower. And take a poo. And those are promises you can take to the bank.

Having said all of that from my nifty little soapbox, I will not turn down free handouts. So if anybody out there is reading this and wants to start shipping something my way, drop me a line. #sly wink#

signing off//