The Prisoner redux

August 12, 2009

So not only is AMC doing Walking Dead, but they’re also doing a new version of The Prisoner, a classic 17 episode miniseries about the community where they retire spies.



And so one man must try to escape. They also use these big white floating bubbles to capture those who try to get away.

omnomnom no escape

omnomnom no escape

The original was an awesome show, AMC is a kickass cable channel (see: all their recent original programming) and they got Ian McKellan for the remake. Loving it.

signing off//


Hooooooooooooo boy this is an exciting announcement folks. AMC, the same network that puts out Mad Men, picked up the rights to Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. Easily one of my favorite comic books, and not just because it has zombies. This is human drama at its finest. And who, you may ask, is attached to write, direct, and executive produce? Why, it’s Frank Darabont! Famed adaptor of The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist to the big screen! His film adaptation of The Mist in particular leads me to believe he is the perfect man for the job.

Full story at The Hollywood Reporter. Try to keep the squeels of joy to a minimum.

Just a couple of badasses

This is how you do it

DoubleBear Productions made an announcement that has my mouth watering. An RPG set during a zombie apocalypse. Here are some of the details straight from DoubleBear founder Brian Mitsoda:

-Set during the breakdown of society as emergence of zombies causes widespread panic and disorder.

-Slow, shambling zombies. Spreads like a virus/bite transmission. No, you are not a zombie, that would be stupid.

-Serious examination of a national crisis or natural disaster. Humans and a lack of order are a bigger threat than the undead. Think Hurricane Katrina, Children of Men, Dawn of the Dead NOT Resident Evil, Return of the Living Dead, zombie shooter-type games.

-Game is about survival. Scavenging resources, exploring the area, dealing with other survivors, and managing a “shelter” of sorts are the main focus of the game. More on this later.

-Game is open-ended. There are characters and events that could happen, but the story depends on where you go, what you do, and who you meet.  Of course, there’s a lot more to this and we’ll go into more details as time goes on.

Did he…did he name drop Children of Men? Shelter management? And did I mention this guy worked on Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines? If you can’t tell my excitement gauge is set firmly to “Giddy”. Expect me to post any updates about their game on this site. Because I think I’m in love.

I don’t often bother with news around here, so you know that when I do it’s something to get excited about. Valve announced today that a new downloadable campaign is being released for the original Left 4 Dead in September on PC and Xbox 360.

The best part for me is, and this is something that I’m really excited about in Left 4 Dead 2, is that this level bridges Mercy Hospital and Death Toll. Narrative! And here’s the obligitory movie poster in all its glory:

O Hell yea

O Hell yea

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be downloading this bad boy the day it’s released on Xbox Live. (for 560 Microsoft points of course)

Talking with Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins about their Penny Arcade video game on Sunday, I learned that the third episode is in limbo right now. The game simply took up too much of their time and they felt the comic suffered because of it. Right now, they don’t know if the game will ever be released, but if it isn’t, I was assured they would find a way to wrap up the story.

Hopefully this one will see the light of day because I love me some Lovecraftian Steampunk Adventures.

And then he killed me

And then he killed me

Comic Con Twenty-Oh-Nine

July 29, 2009

You might be wondering why there hasn’t been anything new posted in the last several days. Blame Comic Con. Fred and I were there. Living it up. Starting today, expect to see articles covering the Convention popping up all over our site.

all right

More of this

That is all.

Here’s the final poster for the new film from director Neil Blomkamp and presented by Peter Jackson:



I’d hang it on my wall. All I’m sayin.