Fragment Review- People getting eaten by crazy shit

July 10, 2009

Imagine Skull Island (the island from King Kong), now take away all those pesky natives and King Kong himself. Fast forward to the present day and have a reality television crew land on the island instead of a film crew and you have a pretty good idea of what’s going down in Fragment. Needless to say the book was written just for me. There was even a military quarantine of the island! How did Mr. Fahy know I loved those?

This book could have easily been a summer blockbuster movie. It’s got action, monsters, a fast pace, and an interesting cast. The plot is intense. A reality television crew land on the island. The first people to set foot on it in hundreds of years! Live broadcast! The ratings will be amazing! Within ten minutes of landing on the island the shit hits the fan so hard it breaks. The island is thick with some of the most imaginative and well done monsters in recent memory.

Ima eat your face off lol

Ima eat your face off lol

I mean look at that mother fucker. Look at him. He ends lives. The spiger is only one of the island’s inhabitants, and almost all of the other creatures were designed to kill people just as hard.

Speaking of killing, the author did not kill me with his techno-biological-babble. I couldn’t always follow it, but it never got too absurd and was mostly understandable. It’s annoying when people treat science fiction lazily and have lame explanations, but thankfully that isn’t the case here (even if he is guilty of name dropping Halo 5).

My favorite in the series

My favorite in the series

Up until this point all I’ve done is throw rose petals at the feet of this book. It deserves every one of those petals, but that’s not to say there aren’t a few short comings here or there. Early on in the book it would cut back and forth between what was going on with the island, and this college professor giving lectures at a university. I didn’t really care about them and would read through those parts as fast as possible to get back to some monster eating people action on the island.

This isn’t a Pulitzer Prize winning book. Much like The Strain, this book is all about entertainment and fun. Other than a few stumbles in the pacing near the beginning, I was gripped. If you’re looking for a good popcorn book this summer, look no further. In a world with practically nothing left to explore, author Warren Fahy gives us one last little spot on the map to fill in. A spot filled with horrible, horrbile things.

One Response to “Fragment Review- People getting eaten by crazy shit”

  1. phyr Says:

    I just read it myself, and i have to agree. All i do is sing its praises. And i read a lot of books, so i know a good one when i read it. And personally, while i read the book i kept thinking that the story was ‘like Jurassic park on steroids’.
    I partially agree with the switching of perspectives in the beginning of it. I too thought the parts with the professor were kind of boring. But then i realized that everything that the professor brought up was used later in the story. So it was teaching you the terms and theories before you needed them so you could better appreciate the technical things that they said later in the book. After i realized that, i read through those parts a little more carefully so i could catch any nuances and such that would enlighten me later.
    In the end all i can say is that i agree with you full heartedly. Fragment, by Warren Fahy, is one of the best modern sci-fi books i have read in a long time. It is mentally stimulating and leaves you flipping pages into the wee hours of the morning from the suspense. Overall it is a well rounded book made for all kinds of people. =3

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